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a tale of two people

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A tale of two people

There are essentially two kinds of insurance shoppers. While one feels comfortable talking over coverages with a salesman the other is comfortable getting a quote with their iPad while drinking a Fanta at 2AM. We don’t judge.

We have customized our process and technology to cater to each person individually.  For example: a person that sets an appointment with a salesman is generally not going to want to receive a text message from our office.  Conversely a person who services their policy at 11PM is not going to want to fill out paperwork whenever they need to make a change.

This is how it works out in the insurance world.  The old way and the new way.  Instead of being a big funnel we wanted to “wow” our clients.  The only way to do that is to think from their perspective.  This is what we have done.

You will probably find yourself between these two scenarios.  This is normal.  Because the business world is still waking up to the possibilities of mobile technology we will all be: somewhere in the middle.  As an agency we have vowed to move as far forward as technology will let us while making our number one concern “security”.

Cap and Aaron Wallrich Insurance

Cap and Aaron Wallrich Insurance

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say hi to our technology

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Insurance changed – so did we

Insurance has changed over our 90 year history and we decided to change with it. When the internet happened we said, yes! lets do that.  ID cards are now on our phone.  Many of our largest companies have a mobile app which you can download on your iPhone or Android device.  This gives you the ability to file claims immediately and pull down ID cards from the cloud.  We also have access to Progressive’s snapshot device which allows you to gain up to a 30% discount based on how you drive.

Do you enjoy services like Travelocity and Hipmunk?  The Independent Insurance agent has always had the ability to compare for you?  Technology only made this process faster.  You can do this comparison right on our website in fact!

We have also automated our process with custom technology that no other agency has access too.  This was not difficult.  It turns out we understood exactly what we needed. Many folks that build technology for insurance agents, companies and consumers don’t even understand insurance that well.  Because we designed our internal technology we can also adapt it as our world and clients change.

With telematics and advanced roadside assistance we have the tools and features to bring your auto and home policy into the 21st century.  Stop in and see what we’re all about.

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return of the salesman

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Long ago people whom we trusted enough to purchase our insurance protection from were known as “insurance salesmen”. They knew the coverages provided by the policies they sold backward and forward. They would stop by each month to collect a premium and offer help as needed. Then the word “salesman” lost its appeal. No one wanted a man in a black trenchcoat showing up to their door each month. People began installing phones in their homes and they could just call if they needed help. They could mail their premium payment to the company direct. And so the salesman had to change their routine.

Enter the Agent

People began calling their insurance agent to buy coverage and pay premiums. The insurance agent knew their clients well and would occupy their office waiting for calls from their clients. When the internet became popular companies started selling insurance direct to the client. This worked out for some people but when insurance changes and billing problems arose clients had to call service centers in far off places to get anything done. You no longer had a trusted advisor to trust.

Return of the Salesman

At the Wallrich Agency we are bringing the salesman back. Your local insurance salesman is ready to help with the knowledge and expertise you expect. If you feel like emailing your salesman, go ahead. If you feel like setting an appointment, go ahead. Your Wallrich salesman is ready to help and if need be…sell.

Gil from Simpsons

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