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Company Types

Auto Insurance – Company Types in Shawano

As we discussed in our previous section on Coverage Types there are many insurance companies out there all of whom have their idea of an ideal client.  It is our job as an independent Insurance agent to get you the most for your premium dollar.

Staying with an insurance company for many years isn’t in itself going to cost you money – you dont always need to switch to save.  If you are that companies ideal target consumer you will always receive a fair rate.  But sometimes your driving habits change or perhaps that of other drivers on your policy, sometimes through no fault of your own, and you may no longer receive that companies BEST premium offer.  At the Wallrich Agency we help Shawano residents get insurance with a company that will offer them the best rate – not because we just threw it out there and blindly compared prices but because we actually understand these companies through our close relationships to them.  We do it everyday.  With that in mind lets talk about a few types of Auto insurance companies available to Shawano area residents.

Standard or Preferred Car Insurance Companies

Preferred auto insurance companies target their best rates toward drivers who have clean or nearly clean records.  If you qualify for a standard or preferred auto insurance company you will benefit from them targeting other clients just like you.  Less claims means lower premiums.  These preferred companies may also be more comfortable offering higher coverages to safe drivers.  Additionally, in many cases these carriers may actually throw in special features to reward you for your continued safe driving and continuous coverage.  Lastly a Standard or Preferred Car insurance company will likely want your entire package in order to grant you these lower premiums.

Non-Standard Car Insurance Companies

Non-Standard auto insurance companies aren’t necessarily only for bad drivers.  You may live in a type of home or area where a preferred company is not comfortable writing your home and auto.  People with Log Homes, Mobile and Manufactured homes or people that live over six miles from a fire department may seek out car insurance coverage at a non-standard carrier because they can now bundle their home and auto – this is a good situation.  Some people may not carry continuous coverage or have a lapse and this may also be a reason to take coverage at a non-standard company as well.

If you do have a less than perfect driving record then we have several options for you.  Non-standard companies often prefer you as a client and have some great features to help you get back to a clean record and get that prior insurance coverage all companies want you to have.  The best part about having an independent agent helping you is that once you get back your preferred status we have even more options for you.

Commercial Vehicle insurance companies

If you have a business and use trucks strictly or even part-time for that business you will likely need Commercial Vehicle or Commercial Auto insurance with a commercial insurance company.  You may be able to get coverage on a personal policy but be careful as your claim may be denied if a mishap would occur while you are in the course of that job.  Many times we find people have no idea they should be on a commercial auto policy and they have been, in essence, paying for nothing as their claims would have likely been denied.  This may seem nefarious at first on the companies part but the exclusion is there for a good reason.  If you drive a vehicle as part of your job you are out on the road more than the average person and therefore should have a commercial policy.  Another value of having the Wallrich Agency is we can help you get the right coverage immediately.

Two of the most common drivers who likely need commercial coverage but don’t have it are Food Delivery drivers and Livery Drivers.  A livery driver is someone who transports other people as part of their job.  People who transport their customers as part of a social services job or just as a side business will need commercial auto insurance.

Specialty auto insurance companies

Specialty auto insurance companies cover vehicles that would be excluded on standard or even non-standard policies.  These vehicles may be not licensed for road use, have commercial implication or are high performace like a ferrari.  If you have a ferrari call us immediately so we can get you the right policy and also go for a spin.

Another specialty insurance company we offer is Hagerty.  They only write collectable cars.  Some of the advantages of a specialty collectable policy are low or no deductibles and a more experienced claims adjuster.  They know specialty cars and we can get you a Hagerty policy.

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