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Auto Insurance – Coverage Types in Shawano

There are many insurance companies you could chose from in Shawano county to cover your vehicle.  We represent some companies who specialize in covering preferred drivers with no accidents and no violations.  This doesn’t mean they exclude drivers with a speeding ticket or two, it simply means they specialize in insuring safe drivers and rate accordingly.  We also have insurance companies who target their best rates to younger drivers with a less than spotless driving record.  It might seem odd but they target their desired customers because its easier to build policies and coverages to accommodate their target consumer.  The coverages are what you are paying for.  So if you are a person who is with a company that doesn’t target you, you will pay more premium in the end and possibly miss out on the right coverage.  Lets talk about these coverages more:

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance coverage is triggered when you are at fault or deemed negligent in the event of an accident.  On typical insurance policies you will see Bodily Injury Liability and Property damage liability.  Bodily injury liability will pay for an injury you inflict on another party due to your negligence in an accident.  Property damage liability will separately pay for damage to a vehicle or other physical property if you cause an accident.  You may also see veriage like “Per person bodily injury” and “per accident bodily injury”.  These are separate limits that we can taylor for your specific situation.

As we discussed above, if you are not the target consumer for an insurance company they may charge you more for these coverages than they would a different consumer.  We work with this on a daily basis and see these trends in real-time so we can best place you in the right insurance program.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance is a misleading term as it would seem to indicate a grander intention.  You may also see it listed as “Other than Collision” which is also somewhat misleading so lets discuss it.  Comprehensive insurance coverage protects damages to your car that are a direct result of items which are not related to a collision.  Comp-coverage can also be thought of as damages arising from something other than hitting another car.  Here are some very common comprehensive coverages:

  • Theft or Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Hurricane Tornado or other Wind-storm
  • Falling Objects
  • Damage done to your car by an animal (like a deer)
  • Civil Disturbance

You may also purchase Comprehensive coverage in addition to Liability to satisfy a Leinholder or Bank Loan as they will want to be compensated in the event of one of the above items.  Below we will discuss Collision coverage but keep in mind that you do not need Collision coverage in order to have Comprehensive coverage.  That is one way we save people money on older vehicles.

Collision Insurance

Collision Insurance covers damages to you car whether you are at fault or not if it strikes an object or more commonly another vehicle.

Not only will insurance companies target their rates for different types of drivers but they also target for different coverage options.  As an example in Shawano we see many drivers that carry collision coverage have a higher deductible than they may carry for comprehensive coverage.  This has always been a practice among agents.  We always check above and below these options because doubling your deductible will not always save you that much premium money.  In fact sometimes we even find that lowering the deductible only costs you a small amount.  Many of our clients are happy to see that they may save money overall while having lower deductibles.

This is the power of having a Wallrich Agency agent helping you rather than comparing on your own.

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