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The average car insurance policy in Wisconsin is $680 compared to the national average of around $900. It’s important that you consider quotes from several companies before you choose what is best for you.  Wallrich Agency can help you compare taking into account discounts and coverages you may not even know about including the new snapshot device from Progressive.  We have access to the lowest rates in the state and because of our competitive car insurance environment in Wisconsin – the best rates in the country.

Shawano car insurance requirement?

The state of Wisconsin requires drivers on the road carry Bodily Injury and Property damage liability coverage.  Uninsured and underinsured motorists put everyone, including themselves, at risk. In addition to facing a fine, uninsured drivers are still responsible for damages and injury claims if they cause an accident.  Liability insurance may be less than you think even if you do not have current coverage.  Give us a call today for a no obligation quote for your car insurance.

Do I need more than minimum liability?

The state of Wisconsin only requires $25,000 of bodily injury liability coverage and $10,000 pr property damage coverage.  At the Wallrich Agency we do not write “minimum liability”.  We will provide you with a quote for $50,000 property damage and bodily injury liability.  Doubling the minimum liability does not double the premium.  In fact it could increase it by as little as 10%.  Vehicles on the road with you are more expensive to repair than you might think and a simple fender-bender could produce long-lasting back or neck injuries that you will be liable for.  We feel the state minimum isn’t enough.  At the Wallrich Agency we want to protect our clients from risk while keeping the rate you are comfortable with.

Is there an easier way to compare?

it’s not easy to gather Shawano car insurance quotes from multiple companies. These companies target their best rates toward the customer they desire and the coverage type you desire.  You might have to make several phone calls or even drive around to see a few different local agents. A better way to find coverage would be to contact us to do the most shopping for you.  There are also many different factors that go into determining your auto insurance premium you may have not been aware of.  Better yet you can get the process started by entering in your car insurance  information into our online quote feature.

national car insurance premiums

Wisconsin 680$
Regional 750$
National 900$
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