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The Average Homeowners Insurance policy in Wisconsin is $560 compared to the national average of around $800. Wisconsin residents may benefit from relatively inexpensive homeowners insurance, but it’s important that you consider quotes from several companies before you choose what is best for you.  Wallrich Agency can help you compare taking into account discounts and coverages you may not even know about.

Do you have the proper replacement cost on your home?

One of the important first steps we take before quoting your home insurance is performing a comprehensive replacement cost estimator.  This gets you started on the right foot.  An online home quote is worthless if you’re not insuring your most valuable asset for the right amount.  If you have had your current home policy for several years you may not be insured for the correct amount – please see us today, even if you choose to stay with your current company at least you will have the updated replacement cost amount.

Is there an easier way to compare?

it’s not easy to gather Wisconsin home insurance quotes from multiple companies. You might have to make several phone calls or even drive around to see a few different local agents. A better way to find coverage would be to contact us to do the most shopping for you.  Better yet you can get the process started by entering in your information into our online quote feature.

national home insurance premiums

Wisconsin 560 $
Regional 800 $
National 910 $