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Personal Insurance

Many people view their personal auto and home insurance as the most flexible part of their home’s budget. This is why the television and internet is flooded with ads for personal insurance. We would agree that as opposed to your utility bill or mobile phone bill it is nice to have a line item like personal insurance that you can at least shop and lower your rate but be careful…not only is your auto and home insurance shoppable…it is also very important to your families prosperity.

Car Insurance

Car insurance is the policy you are most likely to use in the course of your life. Depending on how much you drive it is the area with the most risk especially since you cannot control how other drivers will act or react on the road. If you try to lower your coverage because you need some flexibility in your budget you could be opening your family us to risk. If you or a driver on your policy is found at-fault for an accident your policy will pay out to the limits you have selected (or reduced to) and you are responsible for paying the rest. Let one of the Wallrich Agency’s independent agents shop for you while keeping in mind your unique risk profile. We work for you not for an insurance company. We specialize in personal insurance like car insurance.  Get a quote today!

Home Insurance

Home insurance covers your most valuable asset which is your home. Reducing coverage here could cause hardships when you least expect it. Have one of our agents look into discounts to lower your premiums rather than sacrificing coverages. One area people don’t think about is that your Dwelling coverage needs to be reassessed every now-and-then. We do replacement cost estimators every few years to see if your coverage has inflated too much due to policy riders designed to do just that. Your agent should be readjusting this amount not relying on the rider to keep increasing your dwelling amount every year.

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