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paperless insurance agency since 2008

Posted on May 16, 2018 in About Us, insurance 101 - 0 comments -

We are a proud paperless agency!

The Wallrich Agency has been a paperless insurance agency since 2008.  We are the first agency in in Shawano to become so.  Our efforts started in the 90s with the implementation of Downloading our policies.  Along with our Association with The big I of Wisconsin and Acord standards we were able to affect positive change in our industry resulting in a widely adopted technology known as “policy download”.  Prior to this technology all policies we sold were mailed to us in addition to our clients.  We also invested heavily in technology to store these documents which today is a very easy thing to do.  In the 90s it was an expensive undertaking.

In the early 2000’s we began scanning documents into our software and then securely shredding them.  This is another investment we made that has become much less expensive over time.  It also allowed us to access our clients data much faster increasing our great customer service!

Many of our policies including commercial business policies are transmitted in a secure paperless format.  As stated above policies used to be mailed to us and our clients and now we do this electronically in many cases.  Printing forms and applications used to waste a good deal of paper as well and since we would just scan it then shred the documents we wanted to find a more paperless way to make that whole process simpler…e-signiture was the answer and we are very happy to use it every day.  Now our clients can electronically sign documents on their smartphone or desktop computer.

We are proud to continue to innovate and help our environment by adding paperless technology.  Smartphones have only enhanced our ability to provide this service.  If you wish to get your ID cards in a paperless format be sure to download our app today!

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