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Do you feel like you’re overpaying for home and auto insurance? Have you received all the discounts for which you’re eligible? The Wallrich Agency has been helping Shawano Area residents answer both these questions for over 80 years.  Wisconsin has a very competitive insurance marketplace, as such we enjoy lower rates than the majority of the country.

We have found that Shawano is a unique part of the Wisconsin Insurance Marketplace.  Shawano County has more Deer related auto incidents than any other county.  This being the case we have selected insurance companies that are comfortable with that risk.

To compare quotes from numerous top insurance companies, simply fill out the form at the Wallrich website and in just minutes you’ll receive a list of companies that provide coverage in the Shawano area. Since these companies serve most of the country, including Milwaukee, Dallas and St Louis, they can offer residents competitive prices on a number of insurance policies.

Every driver in Wisconsin is required to have a basic amount of auto insurance including bodily injury liability and property damage liability. You may also want to purchase policies such as uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist bodily injury, medical payments, comprehensive coverage and collision coverage.

The Wallrich Agency can help you understand the most recent state laws pertaining to Wisconsin auto insurance. In addition to answering specific questions, they can educate you on the different types of policies and give you unbiased advice on choosing the home, property and auto insurance for your needs. If you’re in the Shawano or Fox Valley area, give the friendly agents at the Wallrich Agency a call today.  Find out more about us here.  Hope to talk to you soon.

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